This Hyderabad Filmmaker Has 41 Films, 102 Awards But No Sponsors

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There are many film-makers in India, but very few of them are able to find a firm footing in the film industry. One such person is Anshul Sinha who has 41 films and 102 awards to his credit till date.

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Source: Deccan Chronicle

Anshul Sinha is a Hyderabad-based film maker, who started shooting on a mobile camera in 2011. It has been six years, and he has made films on a variety of social issues, right from blood donation to farmer suicides.

The pity is that there are no sponsors agreeing to produce his films, and Sinha therefore has to struggle quite a lot to finance his own films.

City News,Local News,Events,local events,Discover,entertainment,fashion,movies

Source: The News Minute

His most recent film was Gateway to Heaven, for which he worked in night shifts to save money. This time no producer showed a keen interest in his movie, Sinha booked a theatre in Hyderabad himself, marketed and released the film in the theatre himself.

In an interview with The Hindu, he said -

"The film took two years to make and it was almost like I was with the dead bodies for two years. I worked for 18 hours a day and would just go directly to the sets after office. Although we had created dummy dead bodies, it felt real. Once the film got over, I went into severe depression and couldn’t sleep during the nights and used to recite Hanuman Chalisa."

He added, "If we had not shot the first film, those blind kids wouldn't have got computers… the old man wouldn't have reunited with his son… someone had to do it. If your intent is good, you will find a way out. You have to keep going, keep trying."

We sincerely hope that Sinha’s passion pays off and he gets the recognition he deserves!

Title Image: Deccan Chronicle

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