The Teaser For The Darr Reboot Is Here And It Is Creepy, Scary And Thrilling!

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Almost two decades after Yash Chopra terrorised audiences with Shah Rukh Khan’s predatory act in Darr (1993), Y Films returns with Darr 2.0. The film is being rebooted as a web series, whose teaser was released today.

The five part series keeps with the times by adding a cyber-stalking element. All is breezy for the first few seconds, with seemingly harmless posts of pretty women on social media. And then, fear creeps in.

In a brilliantly shot clip, the mouse pointer of a faceless stalker moves over pictures of these women, in the voyeuristic manner that makes you feel like it is crawling over your skin

The teaser is crisp, yet powerful and inexplicably scary. Watch it here:

Can’t wait!

Title image: youtube

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