The Economic Crisis In Venezuela Is Forcing People To Eat Zoo Animals

Venezuela, Economic Crises, Eat Zoo Animal, Venezuela Zoo Animal, Caricuao Zoo, Carcas, Maximum Inflation, President Nicolas Maduro

Since 2014, Venezuela, a country rich in oil and whose economy has been primarily dependent on exporting oil and importing supplies for its citizens, has been in an economic crisis.

The falling prices of oil in the international markets has sent Venezuela in a state of turmoil whose nadir it seems was seen last week. According to reports, because food supplies are scarce and people have to stand up to 12 hours in queues to wait their turns for the same, some people last week broke into the Caricuao Zoo in the capital of Caracas in the dark of night. They then proceeded to butcher a black stallion, a horse of the finest quality, for its meat and left some ribs and its head to the horror of zookeepers.

The horse, sadly was not the first animal to die like this. At least 50 animals have died in the last six months at the Caricuao zoo in Caracas, Venezuela, due to widespread food shortages that are affecting both man and beast.

With subsidised goods becoming increasingly scarce, many Venezuelans have been forced to queue for hours to get the essentials. When a sought-after staple such as cornflour arrives at a supermarket, the word spreads quickly over social media and hundreds of people queue to get it. The government says that some people are hoarding goods while other buy more than they need to sell them on at a profit.

Venezuela, Economic Crises, Eat Zoo Animal, Venezuela Zoo Animal, Caricuao Zoo, Carcas, Maximum Inflation, President Nicolas MaduroSource: SF

The inflation is 180%, the maximum in the world. Analysts say it is made worse by Venezuela's complicated exchange rate system. There are different tiers for people buying dollars depending on what they are using the money for, with preferential rates for those importing essential goods and food.

People and opposition parties have called on for a referendum to oust President Nicolas Maduro who has proved to be fairly incompetent in finding out a solution to problems that have plagued the nation for a better part of 3 years, while Maduro has called for a National State of Emergency.

The only hope for the common man here is the prospect of a compromise between these political factions.

Title Image: CNN

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