Tape It Up To Create Magic! See How Max Zorn Creates An Art Out Of Brown Packing Tapes!

Brown packing tape, Max Zorn, Street art, YouTube, Tedx

Max Zorn needs a brown packing tape and a scalpel to create a ‘Street Art’ out of it. This dutch artist has been active in this form of art from last seven years now. His art form rose in popularity after he started uploading YouTube videos. Currently, he has 1000+ subscribers on his channel. In a speech about creating street art seen in the dark at TEDx Talent Search, Max Zorn states:

"I didn't want to work on walls or on the floor I wanted to use street lamps as an urban gallery and I wanted to use the darkness as the setting around my artwork."

Click the link Below to watch how he creates the magic.

Video source: youtube

Title image: whudat