Take A Tour of A Four-Feet Wide House That Was Built In 1925!

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With the increase in population in recent decades, small houses are becoming a norm. But one house in Seattle, USA has the unique distinction of being one of the smallest fully-furnished urban houses in the world because it is 4-foot wide on one side. And it has been so since 1925! Popular as, “The Spite House”, the house is famous for being born out of a bitter divorce battle back in 1925 when in the settlement, the husband got the house and gave the small slice of front yard to his ex-wife. However, he told her the yard was too small for her to use, anyway.

Out of spite, she squeezed the pie-shaped home into the lot and it’s been there ever since.

Now, the house is on the market for sale and costs a whopping $500,000!

Take a tour of the house here:

Title image: TI

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