Stressed Out? Try Niceballs. They’re Very Nice!

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Feeling the tight grip of your boss? Just chill, the communications agency Imaginarte has something that will help you manage your stress levels on a crappy day at the office.

By collaborating with one of the special effects engineers for the Oscar-winning Gravity, Raúl Rodríguez Romeo, they’ve developed a prosthetic accessory simply called the Niceballs. The name really says it all, it’s basically a stress reliever in the shape of… well, balls. Why balls? As the creators explain: “There are moments when we all, men and women alike, just need to play with our balls.“

You just stick it under your desk and when the time comes unleash your fury upon it instead of your boss. Saves you the hassle and probably a lawsuit.

Check out the video for more on this (awesome?) invention:

Title image: BP

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