State-Run Chinese Daily Explains China’s Stand On India’s Entry Into The NSG

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China has been blamed for its stance to oppose India’s entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group even when major powers like the US are strongly pushing for India’s entry into the NSG.

“The direct obstacle for India joining the NSG is that it has not signed the NPT or any other regional non-proliferation pact. The only exception for a non-NPT signatory is if it obtains consent from all NSG members. Countries such as Norway, New Zealand, South Africa and China all hold reservations about India’s inclusion into the NSG,” the article said in the state-run Global Times, explaining why China has been opposing India.

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Source: News18

The Chinese daily claimed that, “Any exemption to India must also apply to Pakistan,” adding, “while India strives for Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) inclusion, it prevents Pakistan from joining by insisting on the latter’s bad record of nuclear proliferation. Actually, the proliferation carried out by Pakistan was done by Abdul Qadeer Khan, Pakistan’s chief nuclear scientist, and was not an official policy of the Pakistani government.”

It was an unusual stance for the Chinese as they defended Pakistan’s dodgy history and put the blame of nuclear proliferation on the shoulders of one man.

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Source: Idrw

The article claimed that China does not oppose India in favour of its own interest. It said, “India joining NSG does not harm China’s own interests. India advocates nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament and commits itself to no-first-use of nuclear weapons as China does. It could also help enhance bilateral cooperation in civil nuclear energies. Measures that can boost mutual trust could be established among China, India and Pakistan, the three nuclear powers in Asia,” it said.

Lastly, it took potshots at the US for eyeing India’s nuclear market but not yet clearing India’s ‘nuclear status’.

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