Special Discount For Saying ‘Hello’ & ‘Please’ At France’s Cafe La Petite Syrah

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How many times have you called or seen someone calling a waiter by blowing a whistle or ‘shuk-shuk’ or ‘Ae chotu, idhar aa’? And after placing the order, we typically instruct them to bring it fast (‘jaldi lao thoda’). Let’s agree, we all do this.


I mean, it will take some time to prepare your order - a waiter is not a cook (well, usually) and cook doesn’t have any superpower to get it done in seconds.


And this is not just an Indian phenomena. People are rude to the staff all over the world. This has been observed by the owner of ‘La Petite Syrah’ cafe in France - Mr. Fabrice Pepino. Therefore, He came up with this revolutionary idea to tax customers for being rude and reward those that are polite to the staff.


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Source: www.tripadvisor.co.uk

La Petite Syrah actually put up a blackboard that promote discounts on asking for coffee in a polite way. No kidding! A simple “hello” or “please” can give visitors a significant discount.


If you ask for a coffee, it will cost you 7 euros. If you add a “please” to it, you will get it for 4.25 euros. And if you top it by a “Hello” with a smile, you get the coffee for a whooping 80% discount at 1.40 euros!


Mr. Pepino told that it all started with a joke but customers started taking it seriously and thus it became a policy of this cafe.


Isn’t it cool? Izzat do, discount lo!