Now A Solar Tree That Can Light Up At Least 5 Homes Simultaneously

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There have been some amazing innovations in the field related to renewable energy. A new addition to the list is the solar tree. Indian Scientist have created a solar tree in CSIR laboratory in West Bengal.

The tree, which produces about three kilowatts of power can light up at least five homes at a time. The initiative to push this into mainstream industry was inaugurated on May 17 by Union Science and Technology Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, who stated, “Such initiative will help the nation battle pollution.”

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City News,Local News,Events,local events,Discover,entertainment,fashion,movies
Source: Demand Energy

The solar tree is designed as a natural tree. It has many branches and they are connected with the solar plates at their ends. The plates are adjustable and can be placed on anywhere. It occupies an area of 4 square feet.

According to a report in IANS, two solar power trees would be installed at the office at Harsh Vardhan’s bungalow after the Minister requested them.

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