Sanskaari Scenes: Filming Kisses the Kollywood Way

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With filmmaking witnessing new innovations every day, a new way to shoot onscreen kisses and edit the frames in post production has been invented!

Kollywood has stumbled upon a very unique technique to kiss onscreen and this is a whole new level of filmmaking where kissing is first done through green screen.  

In the video here, Kajal Agrawal is passionately kissing a green rubber prop whereas the co-actor is kissing a white sheet. Interestingly, the director is guiding her to make more intense so that it comes out as the most epic intimate shot ever. Why to go to such lengths for a simple kiss, we wonder?

Internet crapheads be like, “Kajal Agrawal might have denied to kiss the actor, maybe she is okay with Bollywood actors, as she did in Do Lafzon Ki Kahani.”

While we may never know if the technological intervention is because of the actress’ terms or a special case of Sanskaars, the innovations surely needs to be applauded!

Title Image: youtube