Salman Khan Finally Speaks On “Raped Woman” Comment

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As Salman Khan recently winded up the controversy with singer Arijit Singh, another controversy brewed up. In a promotional event for Sultan, Salman Khan commented that “heavy training schedule” for his upcoming film left him feeling “like a raped woman” and thus Bhai again had a place on the trend graph on social media.

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Source: Indian Express

After a long silence, he finally admitted to his error.

“I know it has been a long evening, I will make it short, quick,” he said prompting a woman in the audience to yell out: “No! Long!”.

The actor then said: “I have to. Knowing me the shorter I keep it the better it is.”

At which, the audience  burst into applause. Salman Khan had made the controversial comments in an interview to promote his latest film “Sultan”, which tells the story of an ageing wrestler trying to make a comeback.

In the world of Bollywood, not a single movie is released without a controversy!

Title Image: News 18

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