Root Cause Of All That Hurts

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Why is it so hot?

So much rain…

Can’t bear this cold any more

I hear this every year, almost every month but especially at the turn of the seasons … (Mind you I am not talking of the natural calamities) - and all this from the same people - always miserable - or at least giving that impression.

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Well…Seasons change - full stop. There cant be a bigger reality of life. And it never comes as a surprise or a shock. We have seen it happening almost since day one of our life and if that was not enough those of us who have the privilege of even the primary education, have been formally introduced to this established phenomenon of nature. And yet - we complain- year after year - why? I can bet most of us are not even aware of that. Sometime it just seems like a fashion - a trend.

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The bottom line is - We complain- Incessantly. When it is not the season there are the maids, the children, the neighbors, the boss, the mother in law, the delivery boy, the medical system, the government... the God... And then we complain that they all collectively and individually are responsible for our miseries and pains…

Are they?

Agreed things are not perfect. But are we?

It is cold and we are not comfortable - would our complaining take away the cold and replace it with some mythical perfect weather? - I know this is too straight forward- but still let us try to answer this. The whether has its own mind and would be so for a while- why not get clad in some comfortable woolens? May be two layers? If feasible, adjust the settings of air conditioners or switch on the room heater or move closer to the fire? How about some nice romantic song and being opportunist to snuggle close to a partner with whom things have been pretty stiff lately?

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Your husband is not making you happy, agreed, but what are you doing to make yourself happy? Are you doing everything possible at least - regular physical exercise? Some meditation? Reading up motivational material? Nurturing a hobby even for half an hour of the day? Deciding not to watch the sobby afternoon soaps? Anything?

We choose to complain instead. And create a bubble of our own negativity. And then go on inflating it with more complaints. Till the world appears to be a sad place partial to a select few who seem happy and contented. But next time you feel the pressure of this negativity and feel that life is not fair - remember you have a choice.

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Wake up and own up - Happiness is just round the corner - this awareness of looking at life as a simple flow of seasons - hot & cold/ pain & relief/ chaos & peace/ happiness & sadness - everything comes and moves out. It is our habits of reacting to everything uncomfortable with negativity and complaints that make things good and bad. Seasons and life are just that - seasons & Life. Choose to be happy - Rain or sunshine!

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