Rejoice, Men! This Peni$ Cleaning Urinal Is The Technological Advancement You’d Been Waiting For!

Urinary 2.0, Penis Cleaner, High tech Urinal, Spanish Team

A hi-tech urinal which can wash and dry the penis after it's been used is being developed by an invention team.

Dubbed the ‘Urinary 2.0’, it administers soapy water for three seconds on your dinker before activating the climate-controlled drying and, like a bathroom hand dryer, it blows the area dry in three seconds.

The invention is currently in its prototype stage thanks to a Spanish team.

Urinary 2.0, Penis Cleaner, High tech Urinal, Spanish TeamSource: Mirror

The team behind this marvel is also working on something similar for women.

So, latch onto that phone without the fear of dropping it down in a pool of your own peepee!

Happy days are here again, eh?

Title image: Mirror

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