Real Life Barbies And Kens: People Who Are Actually Dolled Up!

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There was a time when we all played with dollhouses and imagined a life like Barbie’s. While boys wanted to be young and handsome like Ken, girls idolised Barbie. Growing up, we all left our fantasies behind. But there are people who have got surgeries done on them to look like real Barbies and Kens. Sometimes people get scared of them, but these people are happy in their own world. Read more to know about their surgeries and pain to look like a doll, literally –

1. Angelica Kenova

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Source: youtube

Angelica not only looks like Barbie, but is also often treated like one. This girl is 26, lives with her parents and has no boyfriend yet. Dressing up like Barbie since birth, she claims to be a model, child psychologist and ballet dancer. She also poses half naked photos and is allowed to go on dates accompanied by her mother, Natalia.

2. Celso Santebanes

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Source: diaadia

Celso Santebanes is a 20-year-old Brazilian and has spent $50,000 on surgery to turn himself into a human version of Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken. His transformation started after he won a modelling contest at the age of 16. He charges 10,000 euros for VIP appearances. Celso grew up with dolls. Even his family believes he looks like a doll which iss a huge inspiration for him.

3. Valeriya Lukyanova

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Source: huff

The whole world has been obsessed with Valeriya aka the “Human Barbie’’. While she refuses to give tell her age, she has been reported to be 24-29 years old. She has all of Barbie’s physical traits such as a tiny waist, long blonde hair and doll eyes! She claims to survive on light and air to maintain such a tiny waist. She has done breast implants and claims to be able to speak to aliens. She shares her life on Instagram and describes herself as an opera singer, actress, writer and poet.

4. Pixee Fox

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A human Barbie doll who loves surgeries and had six ribs removed! Pixee has spent more than $140,000 on plastic surgeries to sculpt the perfect hourglass figure and she took her obsession so far that she removed her lower ribs too, to make her waist a record-breaking 14 inches. Pixee is 25 and says that she was inspired by animated characters like Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

5. Blondie Bennet

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Source: dailyrecord

This Californian woman uses hypnotherapy sessions to lower her IQ! She wants to be the ultimate brainless Barbie and she says that natural is boring, and would love to be completely plastic. Blondie had 5 breast surgeries to attain her goal and now attends hypnotherapy sessions to dumb down her thoughts. How many sessions will she need, you think?

6. Justin Jedlica

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Source: usmagazine

Recently in May 2015, this man spent more than $150,000 to become a human Ken doll. He says he won’t stop surgeries until he is “100% PLASTIC” and have wings implanted into his back. He has had 190 operations including 5 nose jobs, shoulder implants and chin surgery. He also underwent a procedure that could have left him blind but now proudly flaunts the ‘Julia Roberts Veins’ on his forehead!

7. Anastasia Reskoss and Quentin Dehar: The Ultimate Barbie and Ken Couple

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Source: irishmirror

Anastasia and Quentin first met at a party and it was love at first sight. When they decided they wanted to spend their rest of lives together, they embarked on a mission to turn into real life Barbie and Ken. To look like the famous plastic dolls, they have spent more than $209,000 and include lip injections, butt implants, cheek fillers, and ear reshaping surgery and 4 nose jobs. Another considerable amount of money was spent on fake tanning, teeth whitening and nail extension.

Mind blown already? What do you think about these doll-people who have taken a childhood obsession to the next level? Let us know in the comments!

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