Ramayana By An Investment Banker: Vikram Poddar’s Take On The Epic Tale Is Hilarious!

Ramayana, Investment Banker, Epic Tale, Tale, Hilarious Tale, Vikram Poddar

We are all familiar with, or in many cases, more than familiar with the epic tale of Ramayana. The tale that has taught generations the importance of values, morals, love, devotion and truthfulness is revered around the world. Poets, scholars and historians have put their spin on the epic and adapted it to many forms across media and language.

Vikram Poddar has put an altogether new spin to the tale by dripping it in corporate jargon that’s usually reserved for a board-room or in the world of investment banking.

The former investment banker envisions the tale as one of corporate ups and downs to hilarious results and though it is short and crispy, it leaves you wanting for more.

Check it out!

Title image: Pajamafest

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