Rahul Subramanian Meeting A Pakistani Is Every One Of Us!

Rahul Subramanian, Pakistani, Pakistani Artists

What do you think happens when a typical Indian meets a typical Pakistani?

Fight-or-flight instincts triggered on both sides, you expect:

Rahul Subramanian, Pakistani, Pakistani ArtistsSource: giphy

But in reality, it goes like:

Rahul Subramanian, Pakistani, Pakistani ArtistsSource: giphy

Don’t believe us? We have evidence!

Rahul Subramanian shares an anecdote from his visit to Barcelona where he ran into a Pakistani restaurant owner. Watch as the two men participate in a cultural give-and-take involving vegetarian food (WTF though), the Hindu caste-system (“tumhara Shia-Sunni”), and the “strong message” we send by packing off Pakistani artists!



No Kamehameha there, fellas!

Title image: youtube

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