You NEED To Watch This Doordarshan News-style Game Of Thrones Season 6 Summary, Because Sardiyan Aa Chuki Hain!

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Game of Thrones fever has not subsided yet, and the hilarious Pun Seekh Kabab, who famously observed Jon Snow’s terahvi function after his death in Season 5, are back with a Doordarshan Samachar-inspired account of Season 6.

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Read out in almost pure, unadulterated Hindi of the DD News of yore, the newsreaders are staid, overly professional and no-nonsense. But even with their deadpan manner of speaking, they excel at telling us how “Cersei without Mercy” managed to set fire to half her hate club with a concoction of “Castrol aur Mitti Ka Tel”.

City News,Local News,Events,local events,Discover,entertainment,fashion,movies

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“50% Stark aur 100% Clueless Jon Barfeela” gets a fair share of coverage, as does Ramsay with his smug smile and evil acts. Also mentioned is the The Stree trend this season, what with women like Sansa (“Stark Parivar Ki Tulsi”), Daenerys (“Dragon Amma”) and Arya (“Preity Zinta” lol!) taking charge.

Watch the entire video here. You’re welcome.

Also check out their similarly hilarious account of the Season 6 premiere in this video:

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