Priyanka Chopra Slays It In Twitter Banter With Tanmay Bhatt

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Tanmay Bhatt is a funny guy. Yes, his humour sometimes takes turns for the worst but the bottom-line is, the guy knows how to crack a joke.

As it happens, he decided to crack one on Priyanka Chopra.

Never one to sit back idly, Priyanka gave a fitting reply in the most hilarious way possible.

And Tanmay joined her too….

But as is the norm now, he started getting hate for his tweet from legions of Priyanka Chopra fans.

So much so, he had to actually tweet and ask them to stop.

Even Piggy Chops had to intervene!

What do they say about opening one’s mouth? Don’t!

Title image: KhabarIndia

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