Outrage As Users Comment “Cute” On Dhaka Cafe Attacker’s Fan Page

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The Dhaka café attackers’ names came to limelight when Bangladeshi police tried to track them down over social media. Facebook posts identified the attackers as Nibras Islam, Rohan Imitiaz and Meer Saameh Mubasheer who were responsible for death of 28 people, including 20 hostages.

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Source: bdnews24

Recently, one of the terrorists named Nibras Islam got his own huge fan following on Facebook. A page emerged on Monday, which is only dedicated to Nibras and has all of his pictures with his friends, posing for selfies or on the front seat of a car.

City News,Local News,Events,local events,Discover,entertainment,fashion,movies

Source: deccanchronicle

The page is not only full of pictures of the gunmen in the Dhaka café attack but there are also several comments on each and every picture. The page is fast gaining likes and comments. While some people have really criticized the picture and Nibras, calling him ‘terrorist’, ‘traitor’ and also ‘shame to our country’, in a shocking instance, a user has actually called him “cute” in the comments. Another woman claimed that she has a crush on the terrorist. Yet other woman also declared that “I lyk him so much but he is a terrorist”.

Glorification of the people behind this evil act on social media is a worrying trend indeed. Share with us your opinion about this, in the Comments below.

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