What Do We Need For World Peace: Sports!

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We live in strange times. There’s geopolitical turmoil over issues like nuclear arsenal, terrorism is a major threat and what have you. North Korea is one such nation that often finds itself in news because of the extremities that its citizens face on a daily basis, owing to decades of dictatorship. Once a union, North Korea and South Korea have been at loggerheads for a long time now but recently a poignant moment at the Rio Olympics made people around the world take notice.

American Political Scientist Ian Bremmer recently posted a picture of two athletes from the warring nations posing for a selfie and we couldn’t help but wonder if all the bickering is really worth it.

The selfie was taken by North Korea’s Hong Un-Jong and South Korea’s Lee Eun-Ju.

Check it out!

We hope politicos and policy-makers around the world would take notes too!

Title image: HuffPost

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