Nice Attack, France: An Artistic Response To A Dreadful Tragedy

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The terror in Nice, France was the most shocking and disgusting incident in the recent memory. Twitter user Swaha learned about it. She woke and glanced at her phone. She started to draw. “I drew in a state of emergency,”she says. “I wanted to ask where we are headed, because it is becoming too much, too ugly.”

Two hours later, this is what she posted:

“Many times, art can be an extremely powerful way to get to externalize these very primitive feelings for which there are no words,” says Ginette Ferszt, a psychiatrist at the University of Rhode Island. “It’s a softer, gentler way to communicate shared grief, and lessen the feeling of isolation.”


“The urgency of cartoons in a powerful creative weapon,” says Swaha. “But I’m very aware that I have a big responsibility for what I’m broadcasting.”

“We’re all going to the same funeral now,” Hancock, another user, says. This is perhaps the most powerful way to mourn:together.

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