MIT Researchers Develop Technique To Scan A Book Through Its Covers

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Researchers at MIT have developed a technique to scan a book through its covers and get a look at its contents using terahertz frequencies. This could fundamentally change the way libraries archive documents and make it a lot easier to digitise them.

This research, published in “Natural Communications”, says that since ink and paper absorb terahertz radiation differently, it is possible to distinguish between the two and scan the content. The fine technique also allows the scanner to distinguish between two consecutive pages despite them being only 20 mm apart.

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Source: Freshnewsnow

The technique is still in development, however, since now it can only read about 9 pages of the book, but the future prospects are exciting. It could help us digitise a huge catalogue of books in a short time. Also, ancient books that are too fragile to be handled by humans could be scanned using this technology, which could help us in deciphering them.

You can learn more about this technology below:

Title image: Youtube

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