Melania Trump’s Speech Is Making Headlines, But The Kind That Will Make You Go WTF?!

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#FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes is trending on Twitter. If you think it is because US Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s wife has surpassed FLOTUS Michelle Obama in her popularity, you need to read ahead.

Melania Trump gave a speech about how her husband is the better presidential candidate at the 2016 Republican National Convention on Monday. The speech was optimistic, and in parts plagiarized word-for-word from a 2012 speech by Michelle Obama.

What’s more, the congratulatory tweet by Donald Trump to his wife after the address was the same, SAME as Barack Obama sent regarding his wife’s speech in 2012. For shame!

Meanwhile, the might-be-First Lady has given enough fodder to the Twitterati to last an entire presidential term, and is being trolled thus:

Trump’s campaign has denied allegations but evidence cannot be denied, and once trolled, trolled forever! Rather unfortunate, Melania.

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