Meet This Transgender Family Where Father Gave Birth To The Baby!

Facebook, Fernando, Transgender, Diane, Venezuela

They  met on Facebook after Diane - born as Luis - spent hours scrolling through profiles, looking for the same thing many women desire in a partner someone to support her career (as an activist), but also to have a family with. She met Fernando, who is also transgender.

Fernando - who was born Maria in Venezuela - tells me of their whirlwind romance as "the snail" sleeps on. "I was on a bus to Ecuador days after we started chatting online," Fernando smiles. "After three weeks living together, I was pregnant." 

Yes, you read it right!

Facebook, Fernando, Transgender, Diane, Venezuela

Diane and Fernando are South America's most high-profile transgender couple. For many, they are a symbol of growing tolerance in the region.

In their case, neither Fernando nor Diane has had gender reassignment surgery. That meant they could conceive a baby like any other couple - without any medical intervention.

Ecuador is a polarised society to bring a child into as a transgender parent. While there is great social change going on, there is also great opposition to that change - and it can be violently expressed.

Diane herself has been abducted several times. The scruffy downtown offices of her organisation, Silueta X, are monitored by CCTV for safety.

Well, every revolution comes with a fight. Kudos to their courage!

News and images sourced from: bbc

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