Meet James Fridman: The Man Who Photoshops Awesomeness!

James Fridman, James, Fridman, Photoshop

All of us try to look our best in our pictures on social media. Then, there’s many of us who have the latent desire to look as good as global celebrities.

One fix-it-all solution for this? Photoshop

The trouble is, not all of us have the required skills or proficiency with the celebrated software.

Enter James Fridman.

The guy has become exceedingly popular lately for his hilarious Photoshop fixes with people putting out weird requests to him and being the kind gentleman he is, he obliges most of them. However, he is not simply a funny-man. He advocates accepting the way one looks naturally and often advises the same to people who ask him for a cosmetic change to their appearance.

Check out some of his best works here:

Title image: DailyMail

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