Maybe I’m Addicted: 10 Enrique Songs From The 90s, Crafted To Make Girls Go Weak In Their Knees

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Enrique Iglesias has been the singer of our dreams right from the nineties and it is his songs that all fantasize about while imagining their farfetched crushes! Exceptionally romantic lyrics and beats that ooze out pounds of love! Here are some of his best melodies - 

1. Addicted

A song so addicting that it continues to be on the top of your favourites playlist!

2. Hero

You’d hope when the love of your life proposes you, this plays in the background!

3. Escape

The catchy beats will turn you on even on a sulky rainy night.

4. Could I have this Kiss

This one featuring Whitney Houston will give you the exotic love feels!

5. Be with you

Whenever you plan a date for your partner, definitely keep this song in mind!

6. Bailamos

Now this was the favourite couple dance number for those cultural nights now wasn’t it?

7. Rhythm Divine

The compulsory disco track back in the nineties.

8. Love to see you cry

These beautiful lyrics will leave you teary eyed!

9. Maybe

one of Enrique’s best renderances!

10. Do you know


Feels like Valentines in August now doesn’t it?

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