Made In India: Jon Snow’s Fur Coat And Ra’s Al Ghul’s Sword Both Have This In Common

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The props and costumes used in many movies and TV shows are often as memorable as the series themselves. Jon Snow’s imposing, black fur coat which he wears as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch is one such iconic costume. Did you know, however that this robe of honour worn in the distant North was made much closer home, in Noida?

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RS Windlass and Sons is a Delhi-based company which was started in 1943 and manufactured arms for the military. Decades later, they diversified into movie props and merchandise, and are now licensed manufacturers for merchandise of blockbusters like Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, 300 and TV series like Game of Thrones and The Tudors.

The firm has a factory in Noida which would probably feel like a Comic-Con itself. As the firm specialises in prop replicas, you can find everything from Clark Gable’s white suit and Vivien Leigh’s stunning gowns from Gone With The Wind, to Christian Bale’s Batsuit from Batman Begins, to Thor’s celestial hammer Mjolnir, in the warehouses. Every movie and comic nerd’s dream come true!

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The company also has a unit in the US which takes orders from major Hollywood productions. "We gave 800 swords to HBO’s Rome, the knife James Bond throws at the end in Skyfall was ours, we gave some props to The Tudors as well. Remember the sword Liam Neeson had in Batman Begins? That was ours too,” says company president Pradeep Windlass.

Sadly for Indian fans, however, most of the merchandise is exported and not available on retail in India. To give you a rough idea, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s complete robe from the Star Wars series costs $4000, or Rs 2.7 lakhs. That kind of market being almost nonexistent in India, the Windlass Group mainly exports memorabilia which is lapped up by collectors and cosplayers around the world.

City News,Local News,Events,local events,Discover,entertainment,fashion,movies

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Well, with the increasing popularity of the likes of fantasy series like Game Of Thrones, a widening fan-base of Marvel and DC universes in India and comic-cons in major cities, we can only hope that all the cool stuff is soon made available to Indian fans as well!

Which movie or series props do you dig the most and would want to collect without having to ask your cousin in the US? Share with us in the Comments below!

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