Live Life Elvis Size! Happy Birth Anniversary To King Of Rock' n Roll

Elvis Presley, Rock n roll, movie, star, grammy

It's not how much you have that makes people look upto you, it's who YOU are! - Elvis Presley

Born in Mississippi, this artist revolutionised the music world with his words, melody and charm. He won three Grammys and also Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award at the age of 36.

As much as his music made the world dance, his Fashion sense made his fans crazy! He was a sensation of the 1950s who set trends unusal to his own times.

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His strip shirt casual look, the printed Hawaaiin Shirt, the Jailhouse Rock look or the badazzeled jumpsuits all were a rage back then and so are now. But do you know about The famous Elvis Presley Hairdo?

One most particular trend he introduced to the world was the Elvis Presley Hairdo. 

Elvis Presley, Rock n roll, movie, star, grammySource: yahoo

Also called THE POMPADOUR:
The typical Elvis Hairdo with puffy hair at the top and crisp sides, it got the name Pompadour.

This hairstyle was actually inspired from Madame Pompadour, the mistress of King Louis XV from the 18th centuary. The hairdo complimented the superstars edgy face and soon became a fashion rage all over.

He also introduced the blond and the jet black hairstyle. He coloured his hair blond for a movie where he played a double role and also sported the jet black hairdo. His jet black ducktail hairstyle was also inspired by Tony Curtis.

Elvis Presley, Rock n roll, movie, star, grammySource: popsugar

Indeed quite a lot of today's fashion traces its roots back to the Presley Pomp!

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