Let This Video On The Existence Of Soul-less Marriages Be The One Thing That You Definitely Watch Today

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It is a universal truth that marriages are not always hunky-dory. Regardless of the stratum of society, they harbour in the name of a sacred bond. There are times when this bond is strained beyond repair. Yet we see people, particularly in the Indian society, continue with loveless marriages. Sometimes the charade is for kids (the most convenient excuse) but almost always because of societal pressure. Because Log Kya Kahenge!

It is this very thread that a latest video by artist Sumukhi Suresh has addressed.

In it the protagonist (played by Ms. Suresh) is a child named “Behti Naak” or simply “Behti” who doles out bitter pieces of truth like child’s play (ironic, no?).

She remarks on the loveless marriage of her parents on being probed by a friend and proceeds to explain, in razor-sharp words, the reason her parents will never opt for separation.

The video captures a one-two punch with its sharp commentary on a sensitive yet neglected issue and putting it across in a child’s voice.

Check it out here:

Title image: YouTube

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