Laurel And Hardy: A Rare Interview

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Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are perhaps the first actors to use slapstick comedy to its full potential. They became well known during the late 1920s through the mid-1940s for their slapstick comedy with Laurel playing the clumsy and childlike friend of the pompous Hardy.

The duo’s signature tune, which is known variously as “The Cuckoo Song”, “Ku-Ku” or “The Dance of the Cuckoos”, was played over the opening credits of their films and has become as emblematic of the duo as their bowler hats.

The two comedians had previously worked together as cast members on the film The Lucky Dog in 1921. However, they were not a comedy team at that time and it was not until 1926, when both separately signed contracts with the Hal Roach film studio, that they appeared in a movie short together. The rest as they say is history. They instantly hit it off and kept going strong for the next two decades, acting in over 30 feature films and 107 films in total.

Here, we have a rare interview of the comedic duo while they were in the USA for shooting a movie.

Title image: Telegraph

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