Know Why: Men And Women Take Off Their T-Shirts Differently

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No matter how much we force equality among men and women, they are different. Maybe not mentally, but physically different. This difference is the cause of their several actions which might as well confuse us or make us question everyone. So have you ever noticed that among other things, men and women remove their t-shirts differently?

Men usually take off their t-shirts by pulling it over their back and over their head and removing it.

Men, Shirt, Women, Men Off Shirt, Women Off ShirtSource: buzzfeed

While women cross their arms and pull their t-shirt from the front.  

Men, Shirt, Women, Men Off Shirt, Women Off ShirtSource: imgur

Have you ever wondered why?

Well, to go with reasons and science, women’s clothing is designed and manufactured differently than men’s, for obvious reasons. While women wear more fitting tops, prefer tight clothing and also because their shoulders and arms are narrower than men’s, their clothes are differently designed. So, removing it from the back might get difficult for women.

Men, Shirt, Women, Men Off Shirt, Women Off ShirtSource: Dreamstime

Men’s t-shirts are manufactured differently since their shoulers and arms are broad and loose (due to their muscles) and this is why men find it easier to remove it from their back and pull it out from their head.

Another reason could be that women have longer hair than men. So when women try to remove t-shirts from their back, their hair get in the way and so they completely mess it up (which is perhaps the worst thing ever). While when men remove it from their back, their short hair doesn’t hinder this process and they look more awesome instead.

So is there any other reason you can think of apart from these? The comment’s section is yours!

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