Kanan Gill To Play Sonakshi’s BFF In Upcoming Flick 'Noor'

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Kanan Gill is a ladies’ man and the heartthrob of many. He has had his share of stardom through amazing and “Pretentious” videos on Youtube, and thanks to this popularity he has now managed to bag a great opportunity of starring with someone much prettier than Biswa.

Yes! Kanan has been cast to play Sonakshi Sinha’s best friend in an upcoming film named Noor. The movie is a Bollywood adaptation of Pakistani writer Saba Imtiaz’s novel, ‘Karachi: You’re killing me!’ And after hearing the announcement, the fans have given a similar reaction. The reason being, that this will be Kanan’s first big gig in cinema and that too paired up with Sonakshi Sinha, which is increasing the curiosity quotient amongst fans.

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Source: youtube

It is an eccentric pair and will be interesting to watch them bond, as the only common factor between the two is that both are popular on the Internet and keep treating their fans with exclusive pictures via Twitter and Snapchat.

These two seem to be having a ball on the sets of the film and their snaps are testimony to this.

City News,Local News,Events,local events,Discover,entertainment,fashion,movies

City News,Local News,Events,local events,Discover,entertainment,fashion,movies

Source: Snapchat

The latest snaps show Sonakshi Sinha supposedly playing hide and seek, while Kanan is doing what he does best: taking jabs and making us laugh.

Dear Sona and Kanan! Keep the Snapchat stories coming and keep us updated with all the fun. 

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