Jennifer Aniston’s Commercial For Emirates Will Make You Smile

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Jennifer “Rachel” Aniston is one of the most recognizable faces on earth. The actress is one of the most successful ones working in movies with multi-million dollar grossing hits to her name.

That maybe one of the reasons that her latest commercial for Emirates Airlines ups the charm factor considerably.

Titled, “Co-Pilot”, the commercial has Aniston playing herself on an A380 Emirates jet with a little boy called Cooper for company. The little guy wants to be a pilot and is embarking on a journey from First Class to the Coach class, where his parents are at. Aniston volunteers to be his co-pilot and the duo take us to a tour of the luxury airline.

The commercial has just the right kind of sweetness and takes full advantage of Aniston’s “good-girl” image right till the end. From helping her “pilot” with some nourishment to treating his mother to some first-class luxury, she nails it.

Check out the commercial here - 

And here is some behind the scenes fun - 

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