“It Takes 20 Years To Make An Overnight Success,” The Story Of John Hanke, Creator of Pokemon Go

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Today the world has been taken over by Pokemons. It was more active users than Twitter, and the players spend more time roaming the streets trying to find pokemons than they do on Facebook or Whatsapp.

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Source: Deviant 

While some years ago you might have ridiculed at this idea, the creator, John Hanke, did not. The idea came to him way back in 2004 when he started working on Google Earth.

With ever-increasing power of smartphones and ever-evolving mapping techniques, he decided to create a game that could use all the geo-data available.

After raising $25 million from Google, Nintendo, the Pokémon Company and other investors, he grew a team of 40+ to launch Pokémon Go this year.

After the launch of Pokemon Go on 6th July in the USA, Australia and the New Zealand, the game has become an overnight success and turned into a gold mine for Nintendo.

But there is 20 years of hard work behind this success, right from when he created the first ever MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game Meridian 59 to this day when the very reason that people used to stay indoors is now prompting them to roam the streets of their city!

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