Is This Student’s Mech Suit Our Answer To Iron Man?

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A student in Kerala has built a mechanical suit that can pose tough competition to the one used by Iron Man. The difference? This one works for real!

Vimal Govin Manikandan, of MES College of Engineering in Kerala just built a battery-powered, functional exoskeleton. He submitted the design for the same in a competition by The ICMM 2016 conference in Singapore on Mechanics and Manufacturing, organised by American Society of Research.

Vimal built the suit for less than Rs. 53000 and because of this, his research has been published by The International Journal of Mechanical and Robotics Research

It’s a prototype and has some issues with its functionality but Vimal is confident that those creases can be ironed out with further work. He also believes that the suit can be used perfectly to life weights up to 330 pounds or 150 Kgs.

Check out a video for the same.

We wish Vimal the best of luck!

Title image: CNET

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