Is This Ronaldo's Chance Of Getting Ahead Of Messi?

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UPDATE: Ronaldo's Portugal has won the Semi-final. All eyes on him for the Final at Stade de France! Original article follows:

Messi’s retirement was the biggest news of the month for all sports forums. The 29-year old retired from international football after Argentina was beaten by Chile in the penalties. While Messi pulled the plugs on his international career, Cristiano Ronaldo is still out there trying to win a major international Tournament for Portugal.

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Portugal defeated Poland in the quarterfinals stage in penalties and now they will go up against Wales in the semi-finals, which is going to take place on tonight. Just like Messi, Ronaldo is also desperate for a major International tournament victory. After their victory over Poland, Ronaldo talked to media about it: "I've always said, and I don't hide it, that I would love to win a title with the national team.”

Messi vs Ronaldo

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Legends of the sport, these two mega stars are neck to neck with each other on all fronts. In terms of club goals, Messi has scored 453 while Ronaldo has scored 487. In the case of club trophies, Messi has bagged 18 while Ronaldo has won 21 trophies. Ballon d'or count of Messi is at all time high 5 and Ronaldo is not far behind with 3. International career goal count is also really close with Messi at 55 and Ronaldo at 60. Statistics are stacked against each other like tall twin trees of everglades that are in a race to beat one another. The only one thing left for each of them to accomplish is an international tournament win.  

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With the Quarterfinals behind them, Portugal is inching closer towards claiming the Euro ‘16 glory. Ronaldo would be facing his Real Madrid teammate Gareth bale in tonight’s semifinal, who has always been overshadowed by Ronaldo in the team. But looking at the red-hot form of Welsh team in general and Bale in particular, it won’t be a surprise if he trumps his Madrid counterpart in tonight’s game.

Who’s year is this going to be - Messi, Ronaldo or Bale? Can the Madrid boys win a major International Tournament that even Messi could not win? All these questions will be answered soon!

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