Intriguing First-Look of ‘Captain Nawab’ Released

Captain, Captain Nawab, Nawab, Kargil War of 1999., Kargil War, Emraan Hashmi, Tony D’Souza

Emraan Hashmi took to Twitter to share the first look of his inaugural production Captain Nawab.

As the intriguing first-look suggests, the movie tells the story of a double-agent (i.e. a person who discreetly works for both parties involved in a dispute) during the Kargil War of 1999.

Emraan can be seen in the uniforms of both the Indian Army as well as that of Pakistan.

The movie is being directed by Tony D’Souza, who previously directed Emraan in the atrocious Azhar which tanked at the box-office earlier this year.

Let’s hope this movie reverses that trend.

Here’s Emraan making the announcement.

Title image: BWLife

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