In Appreciation Of Mithila Palkar AKA Kavu From ‘Little Things’ AKA New Girlcrush!

Mithila Palkar, Kavu, Little Things, Girlcrush

If you need just one reason to watch the new web series Little Things, it is Mithila Palkar.

The actor and singer, who made her presence felt with shows like Confusing Things Girlfriends Say and Girl In The City, plays the adorable Kavya aka Kavu, in the Dice Media series opposite Dhruv Sehgal, which documents the little things (duh!) that make mundane moments special for this couple.

You’ve seen Mithila earlier in this ad with Kangana Ranaut (“Extra class!”)

Source: youtube

The talented singer beautifully mashed up Anna Kendrick’s Cup song with a Marathi number, “Chal Turu Turu”:



She also used this gift of hers in a soulful rendition of “Maharashtra Desha” with Gandhaar:



Her Instagram is a goldmine of short clips in her divine voice:



Midnight humming. Again, shot this on Snapchat so couldn't sing the whole thing. Snapchat ID : mipalkar

A video posted by Mithila Palkar (@mipalkarofficial) on



And if that talent isn’t enough for us to fall in love with her, look at her rock a Maharashtrian Nath like no one else!



The closest I can get to the 1600s. Jewellery courtesy #DiceLittleThings

A photo posted by Mithila Palkar (@mipalkarofficial) on


In fact, she takes the whole Nath-Chandrakor game and ups it with her oh-so-gorgeous curls:



Another one from one of my favourite #shoots with my lovely girl @richa.kashelkar #vintage

A photo posted by Mithila Palkar (@mipalkarofficial) on


Life goals reset to Mithila Palkar!

Watch her in the first episode of Little Things here:



Title image: ibtimes

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