Hyderabad Polio Outburst: Is Ras-Al-Ghul In Town?

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The villainous scheme of Ras-Al-Ghul to exterminate life from the city of Gotham in Batman Begins has become Hyderabad’s reality. The City of Nizams has found trouble that has raised alarms. The city’s water mains has been found infected with poliovirus. A sample that they tested gave this information. Immediately, a global level emergency was declared.

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Source: unicefusa

While Gotham had Batman for its rescue, Hyderabad isn’t that fortunate. In May this year, the municipal corporation collected 30 samples as per their routine check up from various places and discovered poliovirus contamination. Since then the authorities have taken some major steps to curb this problem and save the youth of the city by undertaking a mass vaccination drive.

City News,Local News,Events,local events,Discover,entertainment,fashion,movies

Source: Tribune.com

The city has already set up immunization programmes which will provide free vaccines to the  children and the children between ages 3 weeks to 3 years will be given additional doses. However the drive will not have door-to-door vaccination services. Instead of that, booths have  been built up in various areas.

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