‘Horn Please’- A Documentary About Truck Art

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We all at some point of time have wondered about the nature of the colourful graffiti and word-art that’s featured at the backs of trucks and lorries. They encompass an altogether different world in their expression, what with colours, patterns, couplets depicting life on road, motifs, or even with simple quotes about love or forlornness. Sometimes they’re sad, sometimes extremely funny and many a times they’re deep and philosophical.

So, what exactly goes behind the minds of truck owners and artists when it comes to this oft-neglected form of art?

A documentary titled, ‘Horn Please’ tries to answer this very question.

It focuses on the origin of truck art and its evolution since then. And also how it influences not just the world of art, but also the lives of its artists and the truckers who interact with it on a daily basis.

Check out this intriguing documentary here!

Title image: Beingtraveler
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