Har Bachpana Amul Bachpana: This New Amul Ad Perfectly Describes All Of Us

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When a couple is older, their lives revolve around their children and grandchildren. This Amul new advertisement depicts our grandparents selfless love for us, with a twist!

An old couple gets ready for their grandchild’s visit. Grandpa repairs his toy car, and Grandma is preparing her grandson’s favourite dishes using Amul Ghee. The preparations also include stocking the fridge with the grandson’s favourite ice cream. Turns out, it is the elders’ favourite too! The couple spends the rest of the day resisting the temptation to have just a spoonful of the yummy dessert that the grandson wants untouched. Do they give in to their craving? Watch this video to find out!

We must say, whether it is an advertisement or a dish, Amul does not fail to innovate and put a smile on our faces!