Guy Asks Out Kanan Gill On Behalf Of Girlfriend But Sets His Own Rules About The Crazy Date

Kanan Gill, Comedian, Stand-Up Comedian, Comedian Kanan Gill

Now Kanan Gill is a heartthrob and getting fan mails from girls is a regular thing for the comedian. But the stand up comedian must have felt trolled when a guy who was not even a fan, asked him out on a date! But wait!

Kanan Gill, Comedian, Stand-Up Comedian, Comedian Kanan GillSource: newspatrolling

No, the guy wasn’t gay or anything but definitely will give BOYFRIEND GOALS to Kanan’s other fans, cause it took the a hell lof of trouble for his own girlfriend who happens to be crazed fan!

Kanan Gill, Comedian, Stand-Up Comedian, Comedian Kanan GillSource: Missmalini

His post reads: "If you work hard for years and believe in yourself, one day you too can get insane messages."

He mentioned this hilarious incident on social media and we went full ROFL!

Now could the guy be any cooler? If he went all the distance to set up this amazing date for his beloved GF, he has the leverage of at least laying the ground rules. And well he DID do a very Good Job on that! *wink wink*

Say what you may, the guy did pull of quite a stunt and that too in his own eccentric way and we too had a good laugh now eh?

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