Gold Medals At Rio Olympics: Are They Really Made Of Gold

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Winning the Gold at the Olympics is the dream that every athlete chases. All the hard-work, sweat and perseverance pays off when the athlete sees that gold medal around his/her neck.

But have you ever thought about the medal itself? Do you believe that the gold medal is actually made of gold? Let us tell you more about it.

It turns out the gold medals are actually made of 494 grams of silver and 6 grams of gold. Apparently the last gold medal that was made entirely of gold was in 1912. They’re worth about $564 (based on the market price of gold and silver as of last week). And they’re worth much less than the $708 record price of the 2012 London gold medal. The high price of the London medals was largely due to the high price of gold and silver at the time.

The actual design and composition of Olympic medals is ultimately determined by a committee in the host country, but there are certain parameters that all medals must follow. For example, all Olympic medals have to measure at least 3 mm thick and at least 60 mm in diameter. The gold medals are also to be bathed in gold and plated in at least 6 grams of gold.

So, now you know all about that glittering gold. Now, spread the word!

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