FINALLY! Now You Can Zoom In Instagram Pictures Without Accidently Liking Them!

Zoom, Instagram Picture

The new Instagram update lets you zoom into pictures and videos without automatically liking them when you double tap.

The two figure zoom in feature on the new update on Instagram will make our lives easier on so many levels. Lo and behold, our wait is now over:

Zoom, Instagram PictureSource: thenextweb

A simple pinch gesture that makes us zoom in and out of pictures and videos everywhere, finally embraces the app that needs it the most! You can zoom on the photos in feed, on profiles and also on explore! The pinch gesture will help you appreciate the unnoticeable photo-bomber, your friend’s new shirt’s details as well as the freckles on your crush’s cheeks!

Zoom, Instagram Picture

Over the past six months, we have been noticing remarkable changes on Instagram and these changes are just making the app more friendly, easy-peasy and ever more addictive. As of June, the company said 300 million of its 500 million monthly active users are checking the app on a daily basis. Users share about 95 million photos and videos per day, and we know you are one of them.

Out on the iOS, the feature will soon come to android users in a couple of weeks.

So no more embarrassing moments when you or your friends (mostly family) double tap to zoom but end up liking the post instead! Yaaay!

Title image: bustle

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