Farhan Akhtar, Called A Pakistani On Social Media, Gives A Fitting Reply

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Multi-talented film maker of Bollywood Farhan Akhtar has always maintained a good image on and off the screen. Not a single controversy has touched this man, until now.

8 months ago, Farhan Akhtar wrote about a man being beaten to death in Dadri for allegedly consuming beef. Mohammad Ikhlaq of Bisada village in Dadri was lynched by a mob because a rumour spread that he had eaten or stored beef at his house.

Here is the whole post about the incident on his FB wall,


It's been almost a week now since a man (husband and father) in Dadri, U.P was brutally murdered. He was dragged out of...

Posted by Farhan Akhtar on Friday, October 2, 2015

After a couple of days, Farhan shared an article of his upcoming film Rock On 2 on his FB wall


And we're off and rocking & rolling.. http://thenortheasttoday.com/and-the-rock-on-2-crew-is-here-farhan-is-all-smiles/

Posted by Farhan Akhtar LIVE on Sunday, October 4, 2015

Anyone with a logical brain would know that Rock On sequel has nothing to do with UP incident.

Though one fb user Pratima Nithin somehow managed to relate those two things and commented on Farhan’s post.

Farhan gave a classy response to this and showed why he is so widely respected

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