If You Are Proud To Be A Marathi Nagpurkar You Gotta Watch This Video By ‘I Am Marathi’

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We Nagpukar’s have our own exceptional and peculiar style of leading our lives. What defines a “Nagpurkar”? - Hao, What’s the staple food of Nagpur? - Tarri Poha and Saoji. What’s the dating dress code of Nagpur? - Well just watch the video by ‘I ma Marathi’

From the way we talk to the way we live, Akhilesh Kahale has complied every Nagpurian thing in the video. Reacho is proud to have contributed in the script of the video and we hope it reaches every Nagpurkar out there!

So, now you know, that this video is “By a Nagpurkar and for the Nagpurkars”.

Here’s the video -


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