Ever Wondered Why You Push Down For First Gear And Lift Up For The Rest?

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Why did the world shift from the old school straight up and down sequence gearbox system to the one’s that has first gear and all the others in a different kind of setup? The first system of gears worked fine, it was easy enough to understand in theory and really simple to master in practicality. So why did the biking industries switched to the new system?  

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Source: En.wikipedia.org

The reason of Convenience: Bikers that commute around with the old school systems of gear box may find it difficult in switching back up from the neutral gear to higher levels and in this case first gear completely became irrelevant and almost useless while driving. It was only needed to start the engine from a standing point other than that second usually played a pivotal role in bikes movement.

The reason of safety: The old mechanics of gear box usually throws you down onto the neutral that usually takes the power away from you. One gear down or a shift too many may make it hard for you retain control of your ride. In most cases, a wrong shift down of the gear usually sent riders in the colossal sideway drift that could end up hurting them severely.

Some say this pattern of shifting was adopted from the racing bikes that really doesn’t require the use of first gear all so much. It could that or it could be something else. One thing is sure that  the new system of gear box was just better than the previous. Regardless of what reason went caused it to change. The change was in the best interest of the everyone.

Source: www.quora.com

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