Here's A Melodious Mashup Of Taylor Swift's "Love Story" And "Ka Kalena" From Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai To Make Your Day!

Avantika Padhye, Kalena, Mumbai Pune Mumbai, English Marathi Mashup, Musical nirvana, Love Story, Ka Kalena

What do you get when you fuse a Taylor Swift love ballad with a poetic Marathi number? Musical nirvana!

Nagpur-based singer Avantika Padhye has created a one-of-a-kind rendition, mashing up an American country pop track, the immensely popular “Love Story”, with soothing lyrics of the song “Ka Kalena” from the 2010 blockbuster, Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai.

While music buffs are well acquainted with the concept of mashups, this English-Marathi mashup is probably the first experiment of its kind.

Great, or mind-blowing? Watch this melodious video and decide for yourself!

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