Dreamy Pictures Of The First Indian Couple’s Fairy Tale Wedding At Burj Al Arab

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Everyone dreams about their wedding at some point or the other, and everybody wants their to be the best experience for them. Most of us dream of a fairy tale wedding. Imagine if someday you will be able to enter the cinderella's world and Charles perrault plans your wedding. Well this Indian couple, Shruti and Vivek Bhatia just had that sort of a wedding at the terrace of Burj Al Arab and the pictures are dreamlike!

The wedding was planned by Dubai based Event Chic Designs that claims they were the first couple to get married at the Terrace that opened last year.

#1 The real life ‘Prince Charming and Cinderella’


#2 The setting sun and a fine dinning!


#3 Wine and a souvenir candelabrum, What more someone could ask for!


#4 And someone said money can't buy happiness!


#5 All the would be brides, get ready to grab it!


#6 Elegance redefined!


#7 The orange sky and the extravagant entrance, how romantic!


#8 The beautiful fireworks!


#9 The making of this fairy land!

P.S.- Wish the newlyweds and try not to be envious.

Title image: instagram

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