Double Trouble For Arjun Kapoor?

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Arjun Kapoor is charting a unique career trajectory for himself. Not only are his movie projects rich in variety, but he also seems to have a knack for movies that have an undercurrent of social messages mixed with masala entertainment for the masses.

Projects like 2 States, Finding Fanny, and Ki & Ka are testament to the same.

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Source: rediff

Now, he’s preparing for his second double role, after Aurangzeb (2013). He’ll be playing the same in director Anees Bazmee’s upcoming Mubarka.

What’s interesting is that his real life uncle, Anil Kapoor will play his on-screen uncle in the movie as well.

This sure is an interesting development and we’ll keep an eye out for more!

Arjun Kapoor is filming the adaptation of Half-Girlfriend at the moment.

Title image: Bollyspice

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